Welcome to Youth Outdoor Science Program

Loving science and the outdoors are truly intertwined. Without seeing how science describes the beautiful natural world around you, science is just dusty formulas in a textbook, not something truly dynamic and interesting. The natural world is incomplete without science too. One cannot truly appreciate the outdoors without knowing how its many organisms are intertwined in delicate balance. With the YOSE project, we want to help low-income kids who would not normally be exposed to the outdoors or science camps to see this intersection of science and nature and get excited and passionate about the great outdoors and all different kinds of sciences. Utilizing engaging science activities and an interactive science curriculum taught in some of the most beautiful outdoor settings in Southern California, we hope to spark interest in the next generation of scientists and outdoors people.

Thanks to different media sources, from local newspapers to NBCLA, we have received some amazing news coverage about YOSE. Learn more about us in the links below!

The South Pasadena Review